May 2018 Member Spotlight!

Presenting to you, Danny and Jacki Rodgers. Owners of CrossFit Mudtown, but also who Kaidyn, Kinsley and Nash Rodgers call mom and dad and who we call coach and friend. Here are some fun facts about Danny and Jacki! Enjoy! 

  1. In what city/state did you spend most of your childhood?
    1. Danny: Plymouth, MN
    2. Jacki: Pittsburgh, PA
  2. How did you hear about CrossFit and when did you start?
    1. Danny: Heard about it from Billy and started in late 2007 with my mom at CrossFit MN
    2. Jacki: Training for the Pittsburgh marathon I would run by Crossfit Pittsburgh just as they were opening. They invited me in for a workout and the rest is history!
  3. What was your first CrossFit workout?
    1. Danny: Angie (100 Pullups, 100 situps, 100 air squats, 100 pushups)
    2. Jacki: Back Squats and Cindy
  4. Favorite CrossFit movement/workout?
    1. Danny: Jerk/Grace
    2. Jacki: I love it all!!  Seriously, there is nothing I hate.  We all know how much I love burpees and Snatches are a close second.
  5. What was your profession before you started CrossFit Mudtown?
    1. Danny: Event Manager
    2. Jacki: Teacher/School Director
  6. What triggered the idea to open a CrossFit Gym?
    1. Danny: Finally in the right town, at the right time, with the right people and we saw that impact CrossFit had on people and wanted to provide that for our future members  
    2. Jacki: It was always a dream of mine to open a gym. After being part of several different gyms we knew it was time to open our own gym! Like Danny said we found the right town and the right people and pulled the trigger.
  7. What motivates you inside the gym (as an athlete)?
    1. Danny: Being a better father/husband and wanting the ability to horse around with my kids as we get older.
    2. Jacki: Our members. Cheesy I know, but watching you all do things you never thought possible pushes me in workouts. You don’t give up, so I can’t give up!
  8. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    1. Danny: My family, Framework Events, CrossFit Mudtown, 2006 Conference Championship
    2. Jacki: My family and children. I am so proud of the family Danny and I have built together. We have been so blessed with 3 beautiful and healthy children! The gym is a close second;)
  9. What is the best advice you have ever received?
    1. Jacki: You don’t have to do this, you get to do this!
  10. What is your favorite way to spend an off day?
    1. Danny: Playing with the kids and introducing them to new things
    2. Jacki: Being with my family and friends. This is usually at a brewery because I love beer!!   
  11. What is your favorite meal?
    1. Danny: Pizza
    2. Jacki: I don’t have a favorite meal but I LOVE pickles and popcorn!!
  12. Top 3 words that would describe how you like to spend your time?
    1. Danny: Fun, exciting, on the edge
    2. Jacki: Family/Friends, coaching, working out
  13. What is one goal that you are currently working on outside of the gym?
    1. Danny: Selling our house and moving to CH!
    2. Jacki: Becoming a better coach and moving our family to CH!
  14. One fun/interesting fact not many people know about you.
    1. Danny: I can lift my pinky toe it over the toe next to it. (try it)
    2. Jacki: I did not find out I was pregnant with Kaidyn until I was 7 months (31 weeks) along
  15. Fun fact:
    1. Danny: Once, I ate nothing but chocolate chip cookies during a holiday meal/day. (I did not feel good the next day)
    2. Jacki: I have just as much energy when I go to bed as I do when I wake up!
  16. What is one thing you couldn’t live without (excluding people)?
    1. Danny: Pizza (see question 11)
    2. Jacki: Crossfit Duh!!!!
  17. Do you have a hidden talent?
    1. Danny: See question 14
    2. Jacki: Nope, you have seen them all!
  18. Most embarrassing/funniest gym moment? 
    1. Danny: Falling of the rig at Mayhem on the Mountain doing T2B
    2. Jacki: I would say peeing my pants in almost every workout but I’m not embarrassed by that anymore;) Watching Danny fall off that rig was pretty darn funny!!!
  19. Least favorite CrossFit movement/workout?
    1. Danny: Fran/running
    2. Jacki: Love them all!!!